Cacey Malone

Cacey Malone of Birth Experiences has been a birth doula for 5 years. She began researching birth like crazy after her first birth ended in a c-section. The more she learned the more her desire to help families through pregnancy and childbirth grew. After attending her first birth, there was no turning back. Helping others have amazing birth experiences has become a passion and a privilege. She can't wait to share what she's learned with you.

Miranda Jones

Miranda Jones of Sooner State Doula has been a doula for 5 years. The first birth Miranda witnessed was the birth of her younger sister. Even at the age of 13, she noticed that there was not a single person who cared for her mother during pregnancy, birth and postpartum continually. Miranda originally hoped to fill this gap as a labor and delivery nurse, but she soon realized that a totally new take on maternal health care was needed. She decided to pursue becoming a doula instead. Miranda says her favorite thing about birth work is developing deep relationships with her clients. Being invited to such an intimate life moment creates a special bond that is unlike anything else.


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