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Private Classes

Private in-home classes are offered for couples who have busy schedules or need more flexibility.  Private Classes are offered within the OKC metro area, or farther with an added travel fee.

Group Classes

Group classes are offered once a month, alternating between Edmond and Norman locations. Group classes are 4 hours long and take place on a weekend.


Coping With Labor Pains

A hands-on, interactive birthing class that creates confident parents!

In this class, you will learn the tools and techniques you need to cope with labor pains without the use of pain medication. You may have been told that birth is painful, scary, or uncontrollable, but it doesn't have to be! It will be challenging and powerful, but with the knowledge and hands-on practice from our class, you can confidently work with, rather than against, the force of your labor. Even if you are considering the use of pain medication, this class will ensure you have the tools you need to navigate early labor, before pain medication is available.

In this class we will cover:
- Breathing techniques
- Hands-on pain management techniques such as hip squeeze, counter pressure, massage, and much more
-Optimal positioning for labor and variations of normal
- How to use labor tools such as the rebozo, birth ball, hydrotherapy, TENS units and much more
-Benefit and risk assessment for easy decision making
-Mental techniques for relaxation
-How to achieve a natural birth in a hospital setting
-Establishing positive relationships with medical staff

About Us

At Simple Birth, it’s our mission to make pregnancy, childbirth and postpartum as simple as possible. Our private and group classes give you everything that you need to be confident in your decisions as you enter or continue on your parenting journey.

Meet your teachers


Cacey Malone

Cacey Malone of Birth Experiences has been a birth doula since 2014. She began researching birth like crazy after her first birth ended in a c-section. The more she learned the more her desire to help families through pregnancy and childbirth grew. After attending her first birth, there was no turning back. Helping others have amazing birth experiences has become a passion and a privilege. She can't wait to share what she's learned with you.


Miranda Jones

Miranda Jones of Sooner State Doula has been a doula since 2014. The first birth Miranda witnessed was the birth of her younger sister. Even at the age of 13, she noticed that there was not a single person who cared for her mother during pregnancy, birth and postpartum continually. Miranda originally hoped to fill this gap as a labor and delivery nurse, but she soon realized that a totally new take on maternal health care was needed. She decided to pursue becoming a doula instead. Miranda says her favorite thing about birth work is developing deep relationships with her clients. Being invited to such an intimate life moment creates a special bond that is unlike anything else.


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